Autumn Family Fun at the Apple Orchard | Easthampton, MA

Park Hill Orchard in Easthampton is our favorite place for apple picking in western Mass! Not only do they grow 45 varieties of apples, they also offer seasonal pick-your-own berries, peaches, pears & more. Once you've finished picking, take the family through the self-guided sculpture walk! The half mile trail features 30 sculptures & a labyrinth throughout the fruit gardens.

Family of 5 dressed in blue and yellow eat apples at an Easthampton apple orchard.

We met up with Taryn & Nick's family on a cloudy September afternoon. Everybody looked so nice & bright in yellow! The boys immediately took off running into the orchard, picking apples & snacking on them along the way.

7 year old boy wearing yellow and blue smiles in front of a giant wooden crate of apples & a young girl in dress picks apples with her mom.
2 year old girl wearing yellow dress holds a tiny apple and boy wearing striped shirt smiles in front of an apple tree.
Family of 5, two sons and 1 girl, dressed in yellow & blue hug and smile in front of apple trees

How perfect is this family??

Collage of a family wearing blue & yellow laughing together in front of the apple trees at Park Hill Orchard in Easthampton.

After filling up their bags, the kids decided to bounce around for a bit. Nick lined the kids up & challenged them to a quick race.

Three kids and their dad line up and race on giant bouncing balls in a field.
Mom & toddler daughter wearing yellow bounce on a big purple ball.
Mom holding her daughter in a yellow dress runs and throws a big bouncing ball at her husband.

All of a sudden, Taryn & Gwen came out of nowhere & threw a ball right at Nick. Brody & Luke were quick to get in on the action, of course!

Dad and his sons throw giant bouncing balls at each other at an apple orchard.
Toddler girl in yellow dress makes a shocked face as she dodges the ball her is throwing at her.
Mother and son juggle apples in an apple orchard in Easthampton, MA.

After the bouncy ball battle, Taryn & Brody were showing off their apple juggling skills. Then Nick had Gwennie laughing so hard, we were all cracking up. We love this little lady’s big smiles!

Collage of photos of dad wearing black tshirt tickling his laughing 2 year old daughter in yellow dress.

Gwen, keeper of the tiny apples.

2 year old daughter wearing yellow dress sits on her mom’s lap in front of a giant crate of apples at at Park Hill Orchard.

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