Summer Fun with Lisa's Family | Amherst, MA

Let us start off by saying... LISA. IS. THE. BEST.

We met up with Lisa and her two sons, Ben & Simon, to update their family photos on a perfect summer evening in western Mass. Located in the center of the UMass campus in Amherst, the pond is surrounded by gorgeous flowers, wide open fields, and lots and lots of ducks.

Just as we began walking down to the pond with Lisa & the boys, her youngest, Simon, dressed in a bright white t-shirt and suspenders, decided to kick things off by jumping into a giant, murky mud puddle... before we had taken ANY pictures! Without missing a beat, Lisa scooped up her very muddy toddler from the puddle, laughed, and said, "Well, this is my life!"

Toddler boy wearing white tee shirt sits in a mud puddle and mom picks him up.
Two photos of a young mom smiling at her two sons, one wearing a plaid shirt and the toddler wearing white.

Bubbles are always a big hit during family sessions. The boys had a blast blowing bubbles and then running around trying to pop them. Check out the big smile on the little guy!

Toddler boy wearing a muddy white tee shirt smiles while his brother looks disappointed in the background.
Multiple photos of a mom and her two sons blowing bubbles in a western Massachusetts park.
2 year old boy stands in front of ducks in a park. Mom tickles her sons while sitting on a bench in front of a pond.
Mom and her two sons sit on a bench in front of a fountain tickling each other and laughing.
Mom and toddler son, both wearing white, sit on a bench in Amherst, Massachusetts and smile.
Mom and two young sons snuggle on a ledge at a park in Amherst, Mass.
Close up photo of a 2 year old boy wearing a white shirt, leaning on a wood bench.
Toddler boy wearing muddy white shirt smiles with his brother in the background, and a boy wearing a blue and orange plaid shirt sits in the grass and laughs.

Ben was all about the silly faces, funny poses, and climbing all over everything — benches, handrails, lamp posts, you name it! These two kiddos were hysterical and so sweet, and they definitely had us cracking up laughing the whole time.

Young boy wearing orange and blue plaid shirt makes a silly face with his arms outstretched.
Young boy in plaid shirt hangs onto a lamp post and waves. Toddler boy in muddy clothes smiles in front of the sunset.

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